Borrowing Policies

Loan Periods

Books, Magazines, Audiobooks
3 weeks
DVDs 1 week
Museum Passes 1 week
 Audiobooks and ebooks  2 or 3 weeks


As of May 1st, 2018 the Chaplin Public Library will be eliminating fines on a majority of our materials. Fines can prevent some patrons from checking out books and other materials. Since a mission of the library is to connect patrons with materials, the specter of fines gets in the way of this goal.

Patrons will have the option of donating a suggested fine or a different amount of money. The Library does not want to financially burden patrons, but if patrons are able to donate, the library is appreciative. The Library will be instituting a donation jar so that patrons may still contribute to the library collection. The below fines are a suggested donation amount.

Books, Magazines, Audiobooks, Music CDs $.10 per day suggested
DVDs $ .10 per day suggested
Museum Passes $1.00 per day

For a lost or damaged Chaplin Library item, the charge is the actual cost of the item.

Items that belong to other libraries, even if checked out at the Chaplin Library may have different fine schedules. The fines rules from the owning library will apply.